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Autofile magazine, August edition 2021

Looming regulations to slow down loan deals on cars

Dealers and finance providers are preparing for law changes that come into force on October 1. They are expected to make the loan process longer, which is likely to impact sales and increase the cost for people seeking credit to help buy cars. Autofile talks to the experts...

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'Too easy' for crooks says man whose identity was stolen to open a buy now, pay later loan account

Lyn McMorran, executive director of the FSF, says identity fraud is a cost to lenders. It has been asking NZTA for controlled access to its database of driver's licence photos to develop systems to help mitigate fraud.

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NZ Initiative 16 June 2021

Podcast: The practical problems of the Government's Feebate Scheme

The practicalities of the Government's new 'feebate' scheme are still unclear, as the Financial Services Federation's Lyn McMorran explains in a conversation with Eric Crampton, Matt Burgess and Oliver Hartwich.

Listen here,23 May, 2021

Household debts climb despite Covid-era credit card 'conservativism'

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NZ Adviser, April 20, 2021

Government in talks over next stage of Business Finance Guarantee Scheme

The scheme has helped 2,731 businesses in New Zealand with total approved exposure of $2.12 billion to date - however, with the scheme due to wrap up by the end of June, businesses are asking what kind of support is going to come next.

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Stuff, January 23, 2021

Covid home loan crisis nearly over as just 8300 borrowers remain on repayment 'holidays'

With NZ's unexpected economic bounceback from COVID and horror unemployment forecasts not playing out, lenders say the majority of customers have been able to return to normal repayments, with arrears at a record low

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NBR, May 18, 2020

SMEs soon have to make life-or-death calls

Surviving COVID-19 will be an uphill battle for many small and medium enterprises, but responsible finance companies are primed to assist.

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NBR, May 4, 2020

Finance companies urge government "don't forget us"

Finance companies are flexible, small business specialists that are essential to the economic recovery of New Zealand post-COVID-19.

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NZ Adviser, May 4, 2020

Lenders commit to helping customers impacted by COVID-19

Financial Services Federation (FSF) has warned that the battle is not over yet, as customers and businesses continue to grapple with the impacts of coronavirus.

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Credit data shows rise in financial hardship

"Federation members have been hugely responsive in assisting customers experiencing urgent financial stress, " says FSF Executive Director Lyn McMorran.

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