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NZ Adviser, March 8, 2019

NZ regulatory overhaul will focus on process

"It's not just about compliance and whether or not you're in line with the law, but it's about how it sits within your culture and how that's leading to good customer outcomes".

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NZ Adviser, March 8, 2019

NZ Environment means NZ can't ban commissions - FSF

Lyn McMorran says New Zealanders are less likely to pay for financial advice, and an underinsured NZ is not a good outcome.

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A career in banking: 'Remember when we had the 'best legs' vote at work'.

In light of International Women's Day, Lyn McMorran discusses how much financial services has changed, and why it needs 'people' people, not mathematicians.

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AutoTalk, January 31, 2019

Insurance review a wakeup call for industry

Executive Director Lyn McMorran says all sectors can learn from the findings, and discuses FSF's Responsible Credit-Related Insurance Code.

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Personal Finance with Susan Edmunds

FSF's Executive Director Lyn McMorran encourages consumers in financial strife to call MoneyTalks NZ to help get their life back on track.

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National Business Review, November 14, 2018

FSF talks to NBR's Grant Walker about the responsible lenders' view on changes to NZ's lending law.

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Richard de Lautour, recipient of the FSF Lifetime Achievement Award, talks responsible lending and the changing world of consumer credit.

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NZ Adviser, November 8, 2018

CCCFA overhaul "Not worth the paper it's written on" without enforcement

FSF's Lyn McMorran says more resources should be spent on enforcement of the law rather than changing it.

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Personal Finance and Property Reporter Susan Edmunds talks money matters and vulnerable borrowers with FSF's Executive Director.

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Radio NZ, October 11, 2018

"More enforcement needed on loan sharks" - McMorran

FSF's Executive Director talks to Guyon Espiner about the difference between responsible lenders and loan sharks.



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